Welcome to AFD Gaming Community!

Announcements about events or important web or game server information may be announced in here by site admins.
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Welcome to AFD Gaming Community!
AFD Gaming Community is primarily and adult based PC gamer gaming community. If you would like to know more about AFD please register an account and contribute comments and ideas in our forums. We're also seeking new mature members.
Currently our community is most active in Arma3 Exile and support 3 unique dedicated servers.
We're also very interested and active on a regular basis in the following:


Star Citizen (get 5,000 free Credits by using this link!

Escape from Tarkov
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Welcome to our new website! Unfortunately we were unable to integrate the database table of the previous site into this one therefore it is required that you register a new account in our site. I believe this site will be much more responsive and FAST! It's the latest technology in every way possible. It's nestled nicely in the same data center our gaming dedicated server is located and operating within it's own dedicated server with plenty of power! Again, I apologize that we were unable to automatically migrate the data tables for our registered users in the previous site but wanted to personally welcome you! If you are an AFD member your account will be upgraded as soon as Traider or I verify your info to access our private forums.
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